A downloadable game for Windows

I made a game as an art project for school and people liked it! People liked it so much it's now in my local art gallery, that's weird.

I apologise for the resolution options, I literally did/do not know how unity works while and after making it. Also if you get stuck on the spiral stairs sorry :/ I'll fix that sometime

There's no ending to this either, just get to the 4th floor and quit when you're done, it's an art gallery after all!


Uninteractive Art Gallery.zip 231 MB


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Thanks I figured, the space bar. By the way good imagination. The last level stairs are tricky but fun to go upstairs. If there would be about 10 more levels then it would be consider a game. :)

I am going to make a video and share your link. I just don't know how to jump from 1st floor.

What is the jump button? I couldn't go inside the room after going through 1st floor. Thanks.